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  • Starting off on the Right Paw

    Guiding Mentoring Principles

    These guiding mentoring principles will help each mentee and mentor lay a solid foundation for their mentorship.

    How to Request A Mentor

    Unsure of how to request a UGA alumni mentor? No need to sweat. Use this resource as a framework to construct your mentor request.

    Initial Conversation Guide

    This document is meant to be an exercise to ensure that both the mentee and mentor have clearly defined expectations and goals.

  • For Mentees

    Mentoring Conversation Guide

    Use this guide to strategically prepare and plan your discussions with your UGA Mentor.

    Questions to Ask Your Mentor

    Are you not quite sure of potential questions you can ask your UGA mentor? Don't worry; we got you covered. Use this resource as a guide to strategically plan for your mentoring interactions.

    Developing SMART Goals Worksheet

    Articulating clear goals is critical to the success of a mentorship relationship. Use this resource to craft your SMART goals and to develop a goal-oriented mindset.

    Knowing Your Skills Activity

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) developed a definition and identified competencies/career readiness skills associated with career readiness for the new college graduate. Discuss with your mentor how to enhance these competencies.

    Informational Interview Guide

    An informational interview is an opportunity to spend time with an alumni professional in your career field of interest. They may also be useful in a graduate or professional school search as you seek to find the best program fit for your academic and professional goals. Informational interviews can help you to:
    • Build your network
    • Explore potential career paths
    • Tap into the hidden job market
    • Learn unpublished details about a specific company, organization, or school
    Follow the guidelines below to ensure that you show respect for the time and energy put forth by the professional you contact.

    Undergraduate Student: Career Development Plan

    Have you designed a career development plan? We got you covered! Review this resource with your mentor.

    Master's Student: Career Development Plan

    Have you designed a career development plan? We got you covered! Review this resource with your mentor.

    Doctoral Student: Career Development Plan

    Have you designed a career development plan? We got you covered! Review this resource with your mentor.

    Topics and Strategies for Aspiring Faculty Members

    Discuss these topics and strategies with your mentor if you are interested in pursuing a career in academia.

    Life Plans & Goals

    This resource is intended to help you plan your future aspirations (personal, finance, and health) and actualize the steps to successfully meet your goals.

  • For Mentors

    Questions to Ask Your Mentee

    Are you not quite sure of potential questions you can ask your UGA mentee? Don't worry; we got you covered. Use this resource as a guide to strategically plan for your mentoring interactions.

    GROW Model of Coaching and Mentoring

    The GROW Model is a simple yet powerful framework for structuring your coaching or mentoring sessions.

    Mentoring International Students

    This resource helps you take cultural differences into consideration and provides strategies to assist in becoming a cultural mentor who can form a mutually beneficial relationship with a multi-faceted international student.

    Mentoring Students with Disabilities

    This resource helps define disabilities, provides tips for disability etiquette and identifies disability resources on campus for students.

    Responding to Student Needs

    This is a user-friendly resource in case your mentee may be experiencing a general, academic, care, and/or crisis need. Note: If you are in contact with a student who appears to be an immediate threat to his or her own safety or that of others, please call 911.

    Mentoring Guide

    This mentoring guide provides you with tools to transition from a good mentor to a great mentor.

    Internship Guide

    Curious to know what it takes to design a meaningful and effective internship for your mentee? Check out this comprehensive guide!

  • For Mentees and Mentors

    Mock Interview Instrument

    We strongly encourage you and your mentor to conduct a mock interview. Please check out this mock interview instrument!

    Career Planning Form

    Have you thought about the legacy you want to leave? Reflect and discuss with your mentee/mentor about your legacy, short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

    Suggested Activities and Discussion Topics

    Looking for activities or topics to discuss with your mentoring connection? This list of suggestions will equip you with numerous ideas!

    Student Resources

    Review this list of comprehensive resources with your mentee/mentor to learn about all of your resources at UGA.

    Closure Conversation Guide

    Use this guide to facilitate a closure conversation and celebrate the end of your successful mentorship.

  • Mentoring Articles

    8 Tips for an Amazing Mentorship

    Here are some pieces of advice on mentorship, with perspectives from successful tech professionals who have seen its benefits firsthand.

    7 Reasons You Need a Mentor for Entrepreneurial Success

    Seven reasons why having a mentor is essential for entrepreneurial success.

    Great Mentors Focus on the Whole Person

    An Harvard Business Review article that provides analysis and advice on how to mentor the whole person, extending beyond career to include discussions about behavior, values, relationships, finances, etc. Mentoring the whole person takes more effort, more time, and more intentionality.

    The Importance of Mentorships in Higher Education

    Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher and Dr. Christopher B. Howard highlight the importance of mentorship in higher education.

    Demystifying Mentoring

    This Harvard Business Review article demystifies the concept of mentoring and provides three case studies.

    Mentoring: Learned, Not Taught

    Becoming a good mentor takes practice and reflection. Reflecting on the following areas as your mentoring relationships evolve may help you avoid some common mistakes and hasten your arrival at a mentoring style and philosophy that is your own.

    Mentoring Research Writers

    As a mentor you have a great opportunity to encourage your trainees to set high goals for their research writing and to help them achieve those goals. You should recognize, in fact, that you have a serious responsibility to motivate and to help researchers-in-training become excellent writers.

    What Efficient Mentorship Looks Like

    Adaira Landry, MD MEd is an emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s hospital & Resa E. Lewiss, MD is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, share strategies on how to go farther on the journey as a mentor.

  • Career Resources

    Arch Ready Certificate Program

    The Arch Ready Certificate program covers a wide range of professional development topics, ranging from resume writing and interviewing to choosing a major and pursuing your dream job.


    It is highly recommended that most students utilize UGA’s job board – Handshake – as their primary resource when searching for jobs, part-time work, or internships.

    Intern for a Day

    The UGA Career Center’s Intern For A Day Program is a volunteer "job shadowing" opportunity for students to spend 1 day observing and often working with professionals, investigating a career field and experiencing a typical day or week on the job.


    Interstride is the free, one-stop-shop for job searching as an international student! Interstride contains informational videos to increase your knowledge on job-searching, and provides you with up-to-date information on visas and immigration, customizable checklists, career insights, and an online job board. This platform is an excellent way to be intentional, organized, and efficient in your job search.

    Hire UGA

    The Career Center's Employer Relations team is dedicated to facilitating your recruitment efforts. Whether scheduling on-campus interviews, attending career fairs, or meeting faculty, our staff will do whatever it takes to make your recruitment efforts successful. Utilizing Handshake, UGA’s free job posting service, will help get your organization’s full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities to Georgia’s best and brightest!

  • UGA Mentor Program Year-in-Review

    AY 2020-2021 Year in Review

    The UGA Mentor Program, the University's firstcomprehensive mentorship initiative, allowsstudents (undergraduate, graduate, & professional)to form meaningful mentoring relationships withexperienced alumni.

    This review provides insight into the program'sgrowth and impact that has been achieved over the2020-2021 academic year. As we look to the future,our primary focus is to continue fostering a culture ofmentoring across the University and to expandmentorship for underrepresented students.

    AY 2019-2020 Year in Review

    The UGA Mentor Program, the University's first comprehensive mentorship initiative, allows students to form meaningful mentoring relationships with experienced alumni. The program launched on August 21, 2019, and has far exceeded many of its inaugural key performance indicators (KPI), thanks to the University community.

    This review provides insight into the program's growth and impact that has been achieved over the 2019-2020 academic year. As we look to the future, our primary focus is to foster a culture of mentoring across the University.