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    The Moment When

    Listen to this heartfelt message of students sharing their moment when...Discover your moment by joining the UGA Mentor Program at

    Gee Egberi and her mentor's video

    UGA Black Alumni Scholarship Student | Gee Egberi

    Gee Egberi’s scholarship gave her a mentor and model for successfully putting knowledge to work. Now, she’s determined to earn a Ph.D. and an M.D. to help end women’s health inequalities.

    Briana and Kim's Mentorship Story

    This video highlights the mentoring relationship between Briana (student) and Kim (alumni mentor); it perfectly illustrates what mentorship is all about.

    Creating a UGA Mentee Profile

    Watch this brief video to learn how you can create a UGA Mentee profile at

    Requesting a UGA Alumni Mentor

    Want to gain insight on the UGA Mentor Program mentorship platform functions? Watch this brief video to learn how students can request a mentor based on their unique identity and interests.

    Accessing UGA Mentor Program Resources

    Watch this brief video to discover the wealth of mentoring resources we have developed to help you maximize your mentoring relationships. Visit to find the resources.

    Navigating UGA Mentor Program Features

    Watch this brief video to learn about all of the UGA Mentor Program features.

    Happy 1st Birthday UGA Mentor Program

    Students share birthday wishes in celebration of the UGA Mentor Program's first birthday, which was on August 21, 2020.

    Connecting the Bulldog family. That's our commitment.

    Happy 1st Birthday UGA Mentor Program from UGA Alumni Mentors

    UGA Alumni Mentors wish the UGA Mentor Program a Happy 1st Birthday, which was on August 21, 2020.

    Inspiring our students to do more, achieve more, and become more. That's our commitment. Go Dawgs!

    Accepting a UGA Mentor Request

    This brief video shows how a UGA alumni mentor accepts a student's mentor request via the UGA Mentor Program platform.

    UGA Mentor Program promo video

    UGA Mentor Program: Promotional Video

    Watch this video to get more insight about the UGA Mentor Program!

    Mentor Overview Video

    Requesting an Informational Interview

    Check out this video to see how you can request an informational interview with a UGA Mentor!

  • Podcasts

    How to Be a Great Mentor

    Fred Schmalz talks to Kel­logg fac­ul­ty mem­bers Diane Brink and Carter Cast about how to find and devel­op trust­ed sources of career advice.

    Real Talk: A UGA Mentor Program Podcast

    Has the transition to UGA felt overwhelming? Are you not sure how to get involved or what to get involved in on campus? Should you enter the workforce or go to graduate school? These are all questions you may need help answering. We’ll help you have real conversations with experienced UGA Bulldogs who have been in your shoes in order to help you explore answers to your questions.The UGA Mentor Program presents Real Talk, a podcast series featuring authentic conversations between UGA students and mentors on topics that are pressing to students around work, life, school and career. Listen to the types of conversations that you could have in a UGA Mentor Program mentorship here. Real talk for real dawgs.