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Bethany Blumenshine, EdD

UGA Mentor Program

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Destiny Loyd, MS

Senior Program Coordinator
UGA Mentor Program

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Camryn Chiu

Program Coordinator
UGA Mentor Program

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Aria Morrill

Ambassador, Director of Campus Partners & Community Engagement
UGA Mentor Program

Meet Aria Morrill, a 4th-year student from Atlanta, Georgia, studying Food Science. This is Aria’s second year serving as a UGA Mentor Program Ambassador and her second semester as the Director of the Campus Partners and Community Engagement Committee. When helping fellow students consider the UGA Mentor Program, Aria said, “Either way, you'll be learning something new yourself and help you better position yourself for a successful career in whatever field you choose, even if it's not the one you think you want to be in right now.”

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Micayla Moffitt

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Micayla Moffitt is a third-year Animal Health major on Pre-Veterinary track, from Acworth Georgia. When asked what her advice to students incoming to or unsure about the UGA Mentor Program would be, Micayla said, “Talk to someone who has been exactly where you are right now, listen to what they have to say and apply it to your life right now. This is the best way to voice your doubts and frustrations!”

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Rachel Jordan

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

From Lincolnton, GA, Rachel Jordan is a sophomore studying Public Relations. Her mentor through the program has offered her advice and knowledge to help her better prepare to be a Grady student. One piece of advice she would like to share with someone considering joining the UGA Mentor Program is that “all of these possible mentors will be connections to help you expand your network. Each one of the mentors you may have will share their experiences, and you may find that you are interested in what they do for their career.”

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Anushka Jariwala

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Anushka Jariwala, from Suwanee, GA, is a third-year student studying Advertising. Her mentor helped her realize that she should take things one step at a time and that building her career and achieving her goals is a process. Anushka says, “if you're unsure or confused about where to go next in your academic/professional life, a mentor will provide essential insight. If you're confident, you'll gain a source of support that you can talk to about what you're passionate about.

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Sahar Joshi

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Sahar Joshi is a junior from Suwanee, Georgia, double majoring in International Affairs & Religion. When talking about her mentor, Sahar shared, “My mentor helped me learn that I don't need to change who I am to be "good enough" or impress anybody in a professional environment. This process has helped me grow in confidence, realize that I am just as much of a competitive candidate as anyone else, and compare myself less to others.”

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Moira La Fuente

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Moira LaFuente is a second-year student from La Paz, Bolivia who is pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Public Health. When asked what her favorite thing about the UGA Mentor Program, Moira said that “it is the easiness and variety that the program offers, in which you can connect with different professionals to learn about their career paths. Talking to them can give you a different insight into the work market.”

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Zach Martin

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Zach Martin is a 3rd-year student from Kennesaw, Georgia. Zach is studying Accounting and Risk Management & Insurance. Through Zach’s mentorships, he learned how branching out to other subject areas can help students develop personally and professionally. Zach advises students to “take the first step, recognize that you have a lot to learn and a lot to teach, and reach out to someone who has been where you’ve been.”