The moment when you realize

someone is in your corner.

Connecting with your Bulldog family can help you get ahead in life and career, but where do you even start? The UGA Mentor Program helps connect the Dawgs, one meaningful relationship at a time. With over 5,000 diverse, experienced UGA Mentors (alumni, faculty, and staff), there are over 5,000 opportunities for students to connect based on interests, needs, and goals.  There are also helpful guidelines, icebreakers and resources on this site to guide you along the way.

What’s the commitment?

Quick chats more your style?

If a 16-week mentorship doesn’t suit your schedule, connect with a UGA Mentor for a 15-30-minute conversation around work, life and career. You may even find that you two would make a good mentoring match!

How to get started

Create Profile

Log in with LinkedIn to pull your profile picture and email or set up your account via email. Either way you get to share your interests, experiences and background to give mentors context.

Customize your search

Mentees can request the right mentor for them based on a variety of criteria including: industry, identity, major, location and more.

Connect from anywhere

You can connect with your mentor either virtually or in person, making it easier to fit into your busy schedule.