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Bethany Bagwell, EdD

UGA Mentor Program

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Destiny Loyd, MS

Lead Mentor Coordinator
UGA Mentor Program

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Camryn Chiu

Lead Mentor Coordinator
UGA Mentor Program

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Rebecca Hughes

UGA Mentor Program Graduate Assistant

Rebecca is a Double Dawg student in Communication Studies. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in May and will graduate again May 24 with her MA. Rebecca says, "Mentorship has been an important part of my life since middle school and I absolutely love the Career Center at UGA!"

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Carlyncia McDowell

UGA Mentor Program Graduate Assistant

Carlyncia is a first-year doctoral student in the Education Administration and Policy (EDAP) Program and recently graduated from UGA in Spring 2023 with her Masters in Public Health. She is very excited to be a Graduate Assistant with the UGA Mentor Program, and is looking forward to further advance this program while spreading the wonderful advantages of mentee-mentor relationships!

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Aria Morrill

Ambassador, Director of Professional Development & Internal Relations
UGA Mentor Program

Meet Aria Morrill, a 5th-year student from Atlanta, Georgia, studying Food Science. This is Aria’s second year serving as a UGA Mentor Program Ambassador and her second semester as the Director of the Campus Partners and Community Engagement Committee. When helping fellow students consider the UGA Mentor Program, Aria said, “Either way, you'll be learning something new yourself and help you better position yourself for a successful career in whatever field you choose, even if it's not the one you think you want to be in right now.”

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Micayla Moffitt

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Micayla Moffitt is a fourth-year Animal Health major on Pre-Veterinary track, from Acworth Georgia. When asked what her advice to students incoming to or unsure about the UGA Mentor Program would be, Micayla said, “Talk to someone who has been exactly where you are right now, listen to what they have to say and apply it to your life right now. This is the best way to voice your doubts and frustrations!”

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Rachel Jordan

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador, Director of Campus Partnerships & Community Engagement

From Lincolnton, GA, Rachel Jordan is a junior studying Public Relations. Her mentor through the program has offered her advice and knowledge to help her better prepare to be a Grady student. One piece of advice she would like to share with someone considering joining the UGA Mentor Program is that “all of these possible mentors will be connections to help you expand your network. Each one of the mentors you may have will share their experiences, and you may find that you are interested in what they do for their career.”

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Anushka Jariwala

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Anushka Jariwala, from Suwanee, GA, is a fourth-year student studying Advertising. Her mentor helped her realize that she should take things one step at a time and that building her career and achieving her goals is a process. Anushka says, “if you're unsure or confused about where to go next in your academic/professional life, a mentor will provide essential insight. If you're confident, you'll gain a source of support that you can talk to about what you're passionate about.

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Moira La Fuente

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador, Director of Social Media & Strategic Marketing

Moira LaFuente is a third-year student from La Paz, Bolivia who is pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Public Health. When asked what her favorite thing about the UGA Mentor Program, Moira said that “it is the easiness and variety that the program offers, in which you can connect with different professionals to learn about their career paths. Talking to them can give you a different insight into the work market.”

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Sahar Joshi

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Sahar Joshi is a senior from Suwanee, Georgia, double majoring in International Affairs & Religion. When talking about her mentor, Sahar shared, “My mentor helped me learn that I don't need to change who I am to be "good enough" or impress anybody in a professional environment. This process has helped me grow in confidence, realize that I am just as much of a competitive candidate as anyone else, and compare myself less to others.”

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Zach Martin

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Zach Martin is a fourth-year student from Kennesaw, Georgia. Zach is studying Accounting and Risk Management & Insurance with a certificate in Legal Studies. Zach says his mentorship, “helped me become more confident in connecting with people, and I've been more successful in pursuing professional endeavors.”

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Michael Jacoppo

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Michael Jacoppo is a 4th year student studying Business Management and is from Marietta, Georgia. Michael’s advice to a student who’s joining the program is, “...It’s a great opportunity to work closely with an awesome group of people while learning skills that will help you in your career and beyond.”

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Avery Croft

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Avery Croft is a third-year student from Jacksonville, Florida, studying Human Development and Family Sciences with a minor in Business and a Disabilities Studies certificate. Avery’s advice to a student who is thinking about joining UMP is, “I completely believe the program is what you give to it! If you want or need to get a lot out of it, give it your all! Reach out to your mentor, prepare questions, and attempt to understand their lives and how and why they are at their job/role.”

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Princess Asenuga

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Princess Asenuga is a 2nd year student at UGA from South Fulton, Georgia. Princess is studying Management Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. When asked what her favorite thing was about the program, Princess said, “My favorite thing about the program is how much it caters to the needs of students. The UGA Mentor Program has allowed me to connect with a mentor that not only shares the same educational background as me, but also the same identities. This has led to me forming a meaningful relationship with my mentor.”

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Sally Bae

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Sally Bae is a 3rd year student from Suwon, South Korea, studying Business Management with an Emphasis in Human Resource Analytics. When asked about her current mentorship, Sally said, “My current Mentorship had helped me to grow not only professionally but also personally by teaching me how to balance my life and work and discover opportunities and my hidden insight in the filed I am interested in.”

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Caroline Batson

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Caroline Batson is a 2nd year Journalism major with a Pre-Law minor and Sports Media Certificate all the way from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Caroline says, “My current mentor has encouraged me to follow a career path which I love, but was originally nervous to pursue. I have learned so much about myself and how to interact with professionals.”

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Madison Bolt

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Madison Bolt is from Huntington Beach, California, and is a 5th year student studying Public Relations. Madison’s favorite thing about the program, “ that there are so many options for mentors and choosing a mentor isn't limited to your major.”

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Katy Burch

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Katy Burch is a 3rd year student studying English and Philosophy and is from Atlanta, Georgia. Katy’s advice to a student joining the program is, “ Be open to new experiences! The UGA Mentor Program is a springboard into a personal and professional relationship with a UGA alum that wants you to succeed. Your mentor can help you with literally anything (career advice, getting involved at UGA, job search, time management, etc.). The benefits of this Program are endless!”

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Kalani Franklin

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Kalani Franklin is a second-year student in the Master of Health Administration program through UGA’s College of Public Health. Kalani is from Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Georgia State University with her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health in 2022. When asked why she loves the UGA Mentor Program, Kalani said, “I like the UGA Mentor Program because it lets students pick the kind of mentor they want to work with! In contrast to other mentor programs, I believe this feature is really amazing since it lets students be as particular as they like.”

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Grace Griffith

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Grace Griffith is a 4th year student from Charlotte, North Carolina. Grace is studying Business Management and has a minor in Health Policy and Management. When we asked Grace about her mentor, she said, “My mentor has truly set me up for direct success in every way possible. From finally setting up my LinkedIn, to perfecting my resume, to connecting me to others in my desired field of work, I have already learned so much from him and feel a strong newfound sense of confidence.”

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Joyce Kabuya

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Joyce Kabuya is a 4th year student studying Advertising. Joyce is from Winder, Georgia, and she advises all students who join the program “to remember that they’re helping themselves and others,” by joining the program. Joyce said that one thing her mentor taught her was how to gain knowledge from different roles and perspectives.

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Zaire Morgan

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Zaire Morgan is a third-year student studying Biological Sciences on the Pre-Dental track here at UGA. Zaire advises UGA students that, “Your mentor could end up being your boss in the future, the person who reads your application, or even your coworker, so make sure that you enjoy it and get everything out of it that you can and build a strong relationship with your mentor.”

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Daniel Procel

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Daniel Procel graduated from UGA with his Bachelor’s in History in May of 2020, and is now a graduate student pursuing an M.Ed in Organizational Development and Leadership and Learning. Daniel advises students who are interested in joining the program to, “Be open to criticism and be aware of your personal journey versus others.”

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Drew Weyenberg

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador- Director of Special Programming and Events

Drew Weyenberg is a fourth-year student from Cumming, GA studying Nutritional Sciences. Drew will be serving as the Director of the Special Programming and Events committee this upcoming year. When asked about his current mentorship, he said, “My current mentorship has helped me with my confidence and helped me develop a sense of direction after college.”

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Alex Will

Alex Will is a fifth-year student studying Economics with Emphasis in Business Analytics from Cumming, GA. Some advice that Alex would give to a student considering joining the program is “Don’t be scared to do the program. I took a risk and it has paid off in ways that I never thought it would.”

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Matthew Zimmerman

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador

Matthew Zimmerman is a third-year student from Johns Creek, GA. Matthew is studying Management Information Systems with a minor in Sports Management. When we asked Matthew about his current mentorship, he said, “As a transfer student, my current mentorship has been a fulfilling bridge into UGA that has helped me get connected through numerous different extracurriculars and opportunities available. I have grown as a speaker, listener, and have been able to develop an impactful relationship with a mentor that has been involved with similar career outcomes that I am highly interested in.”