Why should you participate? 

There are numerous personal and professional benefits to participating in formal mentoring programs.

Mentors and mentees experience:

  • Growth: The UGA Staff Mentor Program provides you with dedicated time to spend with others focused on your personal and professional development. 
  • Belonging: You will tap into a support network for career growth and collaboration and contribute to a positive culture of belonging within the University. 
  • Knowledge: Individuals will gain insight into others’ experiences and the functions of various departments within the institution. You will also have an opportunity to share your experiences and contribute to others’ understanding of how the University fulfills its mission.   

Early to late-career professionals with 2+ years of experience at UGA and who are willing to share knowledge, invest in the university community, and develop as leaders can serve as mentors.

Mentors have the added benefit of: 

  • Leadership development: Build your skills as you listen to circle members, coach colleagues, offer feedback, and facilitate group dialogue. Mentors will have additional opportunities to learn through the experience of leading a mentor circle. 
  • Personal fulfillment: Impart knowledge and create a sense of belonging for staff on campus. 
  • Recognition: Peers will acknowledge your positive contributions, skills, and expertise. 

All new staff members will receive an invitation to participate in the UGA Staff Mentor Program resulting in a significant need for staff willing to mentor this particular group. Young professionals interested in leadership development can serve as mentors for new UGA employees. Mentors should have at least two years’ experience working at the University.


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"As a mentor, I have helped others discover new ideas, develop goals, and increase their confidence, and I have shared ideas, learned from my mentees, and shared in their success. The best part of it all is that I met people who inspire me, motivate me, and enrich my life."
- Marie Mize,
UGA Staff Council