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All UGA staff members in good standing with the University are eligible to participate. Once you decide how you want to participate (either as a mentor or mentee), there are two steps to completing the online application process.

1. Create an account and complete your online profile.

Who can mentor?

There is a significant need for staff willing to serve as mentors. Early to late-career professionals with a minimum of two years experience at UGA are eligible to lead Mentor Circles. If you are willing to share your knowledge and experiences with your fellow colleagues, we hope you will apply to become a mentor.

MENTOR Cycle Timeline

Mentor cycles align with each academic semester.

  • Applications for the summer pilot will be accepted until April 15. 
  • Mentor Circles will be notified the first week of May.
  • Summer pilot cycle begins May 17
  • Applications accepted for Fall Mentor Cycle end of July
  • Summer pilot cycle ends Aug. 9
  • Fall mentor cycle begins in August

If the current registration period has passed, email to be notified when the next application period begins. 

Mentor Circle formation is based on various factors, including the availability of mentors and participant survey information. Please note, the UGA Staff Mentor Program may not be able to accommodate all applicants each program cycle.

2. Complete the online orientation 

All participants should complete a short online orientation available in the Professional Education Portal (PEP) before the start of their first Mentor Cycle. Once your online profile is approved, the course “UGA Staff Mentor Program Orientation” will be assigned to you in PEP. Participants who have already completed the orientation do not need to complete it again if registering for an additional Mentor Cycle unless they are participating in a new role.



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"As a mentor, I have helped others discover new ideas, develop goals, and increase their confidence, and I have shared ideas, learned from my mentees, and shared in their success. The best part of it all is that I met people who inspire me, motivate me, and enrich my life."
- Marie Mize,
UGA Staff Council