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Any UGA full-time, benefits eligible staff members are invited to participate. Once you decide which role (mentor or mentee) is the best fit, there are two steps to completing the online application process.

1. Create an account and complete your online profile.

Who can Be a mentor?

There is a significant need for staff willing to serve as mentors. Any staff member with a minimum of one year experience at UGA is eligible to be a mentor. If you are willing to share your knowledge and experiences with your fellow colleagues, we hope you will apply to become a mentor.


Any staff member at UGA is eligible to be a mentee. Whether you are new to UGA or have been here for years, you can always learn something new from a fellow bulldog. If you are looking to learn a new skill, ask questions about your career development, or just connect with a colleague, being mentored is for you! 

MENTOR Cycle Timeline

With the relaunch of the UGA Staff Mentor Program, we will be opening applications in a staggered system to allow us to build our network of staff mentors before allowing mentee applications. Refer to the below dates for this initial phase.

  • Mentor application opens January 31, 2023
  • Mentee application opens mid-September 2023

Once the program is fully relaunched in Fall 2023, applications for both mentor and mentee roles will always be open and you will be able to apply any time that fits your schedule. 

2. Complete the online orientation 

Participants will need to complete an online orientation before beginning their time as a mentor or mentee. This orientation will be available at a later date as we relaunch the program and communication will be sent to all active mentors at that time. 

Additional Training Opportunities & Support for Program Participants

Learning and Development will offer regular seminars, trainings, and social opportunities for participants (Mentors and Mentees) to connect, explore program topics, ask questions, and share resources so they can make the most of their program experience. Registration for these opportunities is available through the Staff Mentor Program platform under the Events tab.



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"As a mentor, I have helped others discover new ideas, develop goals, and increase their confidence, and I have shared ideas, learned from my mentees, and shared in their success. The best part of it all is that I met people who inspire me, motivate me, and enrich my life."
- Marie Mize,
UGA Staff Council