Launched with the Class of 2019, the goal of the School of Law Mentorship Program is to match every incoming first-year law student with a mentorship team. Each student’s mentorship team consists of a faculty mentor, a Career Development Office counselor, a peer mentor, and a professional mentor.

Those who register to be a mentor are paired with a student mentee before that student arrives at the School of Law and, hopefully, the relationship will continue as the mentee completes law school and transitions to practice.

The mentorship program does not require mentors to meet specific time commitments. Rather, mentors are provided with contact information as well as resources to guide them in their task. Mentors are free to determine along with their mentee the communication style and frequency that works best for the team. Support is provided by the School of Law Office of Student Affairs, which will respond to any questions or concerns you have while participating the School of Law Mentorship Program.

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Student Insight

"I could talk for days about the support that my mentorship team has given me... Law school is hard, it's challenging, it's difficult, and it's been so nice having people in my corner." - Lexi Trumble (J.D.’19)

Mentor Insight

“As a mentor, I understand that success is how my mentee defines it.  I want to be an advocate for her by providing advice, sharing tips and tricks I learned throughout my matriculation and connecting her with people who can help make her dreams come true.” - Riane N. Sharp (J.D.’17)