The UGA Startup Mentor Program provides mentorship and advisement to startups in the Innovation Gateway pipeline. Mentors are curated from an international network of UGA Alumni and supporters and provide our startups with timely, effective guidance in developing their business model, identifying customers,  and developing a value proposition that meets the needs of the public. As Startups progress through our pipeline the mentor network provides additional resources to help startups become effective businesses and seek investment.

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"It is imperative to pass on the lessons from our mistakes and successes to the forward going generation.  Each mentee I've worked with truly desires to be an active player in an ever advancing civilization and we, as mentors, can catalyze their chances of success." - Ravi Sinha, Mentor On Roster


"UGA"s Mentor Program allowed me, a complete business beginner, to connect with three exceptional entrepreneurs who provided guidance through the difficult stages of turning my academic research into a commercial product - and helping me to understand how to wrap a business model around our product. The knowledge passed on by all three of these mentors was absolutely critical to getting from a business model to an actual business. I truly believe that we would not be a business today without the mentorship program!" -  John Gibbs Artimatic/Associate Professor Theatre & Film Studies